Ryan Farrell

Stout Hearted Coaching & Consulting


What We'll Do

I work with high performing leaders and teams to help them unlock their hidden capacities to solve problems they have never solved before. 

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How We Can Work Together

One on One Coaching

Put a people-expert on your team who will help you get crystal clear on what you want, then help you get it

Group Trainings and Facilitation
Cocreate a custom engagement to upgrade your team where you need it most

The Stout Hearted Approach


We move beyond exclusive reliance on the thinking mind to access the deep wisdom and learning available in our bodies and emotions. Then we'll turn insight into action.


The unconditional love. The tough love. The never-need-to-say-you're-sorry love. Unapologetic advocacy for your vision of the future.


People chronically under-estimate what they're capable of. We will  connect you to your most fulfilling life. We will dream bigger than you ever have before.


Courage is the only virtue with a pre-requisite; you have to be afraid first! Fear holds us back. We'll look at the cost of your fear and see what's on the other side.


Tech Leader

Ryan is an incredibly gifted coach, leader, and person. Throughout multiple challenging times in my life, I've turned to Ryan for guidance and advice. I've always left those conversations feeling more confident and filled with a sense of purpose. 

Business Development Leader

Ryan is one of a kind- he showed up in my life at a time when I desperately needed someone in my corner. Our conversations helped me dive deeply into places that I otherwise would avoid, and helped me remain accountable for the commitments I make to myself for growth.  


After a year of working with Ryan, I find myself in the best mental and physical shape of my life, have successfully launched my own business and am living the lifestyle I had long aspired to. Ryan played a pivotal role in helping uncover the wealth of tools and talents hidden within me and refine them into potent assets that will serve me throughout my life.